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I am sitting at Starbucks near Carnegie Hall waiting for the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra concert starting in 1. 5 hrs. I was invited to their rehearsal at the hall and saw how musicians rehearse pieces they would play tonight.

IMG_3538 I had known Orpheus from many years ago when I moderated the leadership workshop with them in Tokyo as one of Hitotsubashi ICS events. I watched their rehearsals in small groups in New York before the event and was very impressed by their rotational leadership style without conductor. It gave us many insights and lessons then. Now I feel that they pioneered the concept of distributed leadership which is even more important today with Internet changing the whole concept of top down leadership.

In addition, I am a great fan of Orpheus music and try to make it to their concert every time my luck strikes. (i.e. their concert at Carnegie Hall coincides with my stay in NYC.)

I am very much looking forward to their concert tonight and interested how their music sounds different when the Carnegie Hall is full.

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