ywall I came back to Tokyo just before the first snow hit New York City on Saturday, October 29.  I am back to “business as usual” in Tokyo, as I taught the class this morning, had interview for the CEMS program, had two meeting related to the project (one via skype) and just finished the seminar at Roppongi Academy Hills.  As I got up at 5:00 a.m. this morning, it has been 18-hour day!  However, I do not feel too tired or too jet-lagged yet.

  In fact, I feel very refreshed and reenergyzed by the trip to New York City!  There is something about the City that appeals so much to me, despite the cold weather, rain/sleet in October.  Probably spending time with my family is a part of it.   Now I feel I am ready to take on major tasks!