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gfc-education-gender-and-work-pic-1Now that I am just about to leave Dubai, I reflect upon very useful, insightful and fun discussion at the Education, Gender and Work council at the Annual Meeting of Global Future Council in the past two days.I came with a bit confused/disappointed state of mind after the election in the US, but now I feel more encouraged and feel refreshed. Our council covers such as broad and important topic, and have made good progress in addition to all the work that has been done even before the meeting in Dubai.
Now it is time for me to speak up, research more and focus my attention to how we can get some tangible results.
I will have a few occasions even this week to share some of the ideas we discussed in Dubai. For example, I will have breakfast meeting withMayor Mirjam van ‘t Veld I met before, give a talk to the group of business leaders on Thursday, and will participate in the panel on skills at the meeting organised by the Economist on Friday.nov18th-2016tk I will also have an interview on corporate social activities. So many opportunities I can spread ideas we discussed in Dubai and at the same time to get more information on the subject.

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