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WEF Japan Meeting held on June 2 and 3 has provided me with opportunities to meet with new people, renew relationships with old friends, and discuss various issues in rather informal setting.  As I read news on the Japanese economy in the past few days and hear about new policy initiatives that are emerging, I feel we definitely have momentum to bring about long overdue change.

I also wish that many more people have a chance to participate in this type of discussion, because at WEF Japan meetings, we  now feel quite comfortable expressing our own views, discussing various issues quite informally.  I believe it is because we have continued this type of gatherings quite often in the past several years.

I have been given many opportunities to participate (probably I like to jump into new things, too!) in many new projects including the Forum meetings and through these projects, I have developed capability of expressing my views, asking questions, leading/following discussions etc.  In order to acquire new skills, practice is the key.   In addition to practicing yourself, these conferences give you the opportunity to see how people do.

At Japan Meeting (on the second day, in particular),  I was very impressed with one of the Young Global Leaders who recorded our brainstorming session and reported back to the whole group.  He also made very insightful suggestion on the first day.

This morning, I received a note from him as he shared his personal thoughts about the meeting entitled “Six Takeaways from the Japan Forum”.  His name is Lutfey Siddiqi , one of the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.  Here is the link to his column.

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