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My past 10 days in Japan was full of interesting activities, useful meetings, and two trips to Kyushu. I met with many people–both old and new in a variety of fields. Some I did not even get to talk as it was at seminars/workshops. I even ran into my old friend at the station and one of my students on subway!

As I am leaving for the second half of my stay in British Columbia in several hours, my head’s spinning and feels hot with excitement, a bit too much stimulation and inspiration.

I plan to explore new ideas which have occurred to me in the course of many activities, and see what they lead me to. It has been nice to have this break from the quiet days in British Columbia.

One thing I have not been able to do much in Japan–taking photo and video. As I have began enjoying making visuals on my own, I will resume while in British Columbia.

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