I have been trying to find a good reference/textbook for the logical thinking/problem solving in English over the past several years. I have tried several, some written by the management consultants and others for the critical thinking courses at different universities/graduate schools.
I wonder if there are any good references–nowadays, not necessarily in the form of books or articles, but also website, etc.

I came across with the book Presentation Zen, recommended by several of my friends, which covers the art/visual aspect of communication (and as a matter of fact, crystallizing message and story) very well. But I still have not come across with ones for logical thinking/problem solving. As many more materials have become available through the Internet, I wonder if I can ask for some help on this matter.

I know some materials on logical thinking and problem solving in Japanese(there are quite a few recently), but have not identified the ones in English yet. I have some hypothesis for this, but first, I want to ask for help.