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Recent events made me re-think the meaning of Redesign. One was the Sanriku railway destroyed by the recent earthquake & tsunami in Tohoku. As I understand it, it is the small railway (2-3 cars?) running along the coastline and had trouble making profit even before the recent disaster.
I heard that some people in the area have strong attachment with the railway & try to restore it. It seems to me that basic question needs to be asked before it is decided to invest to restore. They include what are we trying to accomplish by restoring the railway? Is railway the best way to provide mobility for people in the area? Is heavy investment for building tracks worth now? Can other means such as mini bus,car service fulfill the needs better now?

It is understandable we have nostalgia for things we have cherished. (Just think of how we remember our alma mater.) But we need to think what our original objective was & how we can accomplish that objective by redesigning our system.

Same holds true with (though a bit of a jump!) the original vision & mission of the corporation. If the philosophy with which the company was built is breakthrough innovation in concept, what we need to pursue is to think hard “What is breakthrough in concept” today in our business, and NOT follow the form or category necessarily. I realize it is much easier said than done, but it is REDESIGN in the true sense of the term.

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