PYBBq0It is so exciting to learn new recipes and try them.  The trigger, it seems to me, is the trip to new places and the discovery of what’s available locally.

Whenever I am in British Columbia, I try vegetables, fruits etc. which I can get here easily, but not so in Japan.  Fruits include different kinds of berries–starting from strawberries, rasberries,  blueberries and cherries.    Vegetables I try while in British Columbia is large mushrooms, arugula,  baby spinach, brussel sprouts, brocollini, zucchini, squash, corn among others.  I can probably get them in Tokyo, too, but they are abundant here and so reasonable.

Naturally, what I cook depends upon what I can get locally.  I cook many things on BBQ grill on the terrace, so I end up BBQ not only steak, chicken, salmon, sausage, burgers, but also different kinds of vegetables.  Corn on the cub on the BBQ grill with butter tastes SO good.  You cannot forget  cold beer, either!

I also come across with new recipes while in British Columbia.  Some include watermelon salad, Brie cheese baked with mushrooms, walnuts and onions! (I will try this soon, as it sounds SO GOOD!)