After quite hectic week since last weekend, I am now responding to survey from the conference and from hotels I stayed, as well as reviewing my own activities.

Global Futures Council held in Dubai was very intense two days and I realize again how the world has been under fundamental transformation with technology as main driver and we face many challenging and somewhat conflicting issues to resolve. They include how to address the issue of government vs. industry self regulation, freedom of speech vs. regulation, global reality and national laws, as well as the awareness and lack of that with regard to the need for critical thinking. I also felt that the condition and discussion in Japan on many issues seems very different from those discussed in Dubai.  I am concerned where this isolation might take us.

 After I came back to Tokyo, we did Design Thinking at IBM Design Studio, which was very interesting and exciting. Working with young people gives me a lot of hope, and yet, I wish more people (Japanese) would take an advantage of the opportunities.

On Wednesday, I had back to back talk/key note speech. The session in the morning was for selected executives of the Japanese companies and I struggled to identify the clear and unique message I wanted to convey until the last minute. I had many questions and I was quite excited about the reception, as receiving many questions from the Japanese audience shows that they saw something in my talk.

The key note speech in the afternoon was for the Heidel Berg Forum 21. I discussed the world which has undergone fundamental transformation with technology as main drivers, their implications for corporate strategy and people. As the audience was mainly executives in the printing industries, they might not find my talk too relevant to their immediate issues.

Hectic, but inspiring & sometimes too stimulating week is over and many ideas/concepts and examples are floating in my head, I feel.  I will leave them as they are as they usually come together to bring about new ideas and action plan.