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I love technology though I am no engineer and have had my share of technological troubles.  Despite the issue re: hacking and cyber security etc.,  I am amazed at the potential of technology.   Technology is a tool (at least for now) and it can be used for ideal state of the world or abused for criminal and other illegal purposes.

I was searching information on the subject I am to talk this week, and simply overwhelmed by how rich, broad and detailed information I can have on my finger tips within relatively short time.  As long as you have ability to understand English (for now, and that is the only language I can understand other than my own, Japanese), you can access so much information and gain new knowledge (some most up-to-date ones).  Judging from how young people use video etc., you can develop skills, too.

When you come to think of it, technology provides us with enormous opportunity if we know how to make use of it.  (I am aware of all the issues re: disinformation and misinformation etc. though have NOT quite suffered from serious trouble.)

Though we face almost unprecedented global pandemic of Covid-19, we are blessed as technologies have been advancing.  I am willing to experiment with technology and want to find out how far we can go (at the same time, what we cannot do.)

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