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This morning I attended two board meetings almost simultaneously-one real and the other online.  As I needed iPad rented by the company to see the materials for the board meeting while connecting through zoom, while the other real meeting is underway,  it was quite complicated to get everything in order.  I carried 2 iPads and my Mac Book in the backpack (which weighed ton!) and tried to do that in the small room while the board meeting is going on.

My wi max did not work to connect my Mac book as I was in the building and I ended up joining zoom with iPhone (no video, but with audio.)  It was quite complicated and a bit nerve wrecking!  I missed part of the meeting, but joined the critical decision of one of the board. (It is the time to report the third quarter earnings, I believe.)

What makes it even more complicated is that we use variety of platforms for online meetings and conferences recently.  I could handle zoom, Teams and Webex, but recently I was asked to use different platforms and had difficulty.  One conference I am scheduled to participate in November uses different one, and we had prep meeting few days ago!  There are so many steps and passcode to remember and sometimes I feel it is beyond my capacity!  I feel I get many benefits from these online conferences and meetings, but different kinds of headaches emerge…

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