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As I learned how to use Google Photo to store large number of photos and video on cloud, I tried to sort photos I took with my iPhone. It went back to 2009 and going through the photos I took at different occasions (and deleting many which I do not need any more such as so many of planes,clouds, sunset and sunrise etc.) , I felt I re-lived my past decade. I noticed going and passing of people I know well.
I have some photos of my late mother and almost felt that she is still around. I used to go to visit her almost every weekend to have dinner with my parents. My father cared for her at home with the help of home doctor who lived near by and care team. He was amazing as he learned how to cook, how to use washing machines, and how to care for his wife who was almost bed-ridden for the last three years. My task (much easier than my father’s) was to go visit them, sometimes cook and/or bring great food and eat early dinner every Sunday. When I go on overseas trips, I almost always went there the next day I came back. I told them (mainly my mother) about the activities and events of the week and she listened. I still feel that she is around and if I go there, I can talk with her. Photos are very nice as they give us the opportunity to re-live our life.
I have many photos with my father in the past several years after my mother passed away. We usually meet for dinner every weekend and I take a photo of us. He is now 95 years old and is doing OK. So we live in present.
I also notice many photos I took of my family in the US. I take many photo and video with my grand kids as well as my step kids. Photo shows how much they have grown. It is wonderful to see how they start walking, playing, learning words etc. It is NOT re-living, but you see how life is all about.

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