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 On Opinion page of the Japan Times (June 13), my column “What umbrellas can teach us diversity” is published. It is the rainy season now and some people may find it uncomfortable and wet. I am one of them and often wish I live in the area where it is crisp and sunny.
Though rainy season is not ideal, particularly for tourists who happen to visit Japan during this time, it may offer opportunity to ask questions about unique behavior of Japanese regarding umbrella. In fact, my observation and experience of seeing people without umbrella in North America(photo below is what I took in NY during my last visit)  led me to ask why only few people use umbrellas, and thus this column.  The column discusses difference in use of umbrella etc. in Japan and touches upon historical development as well.
My main message is that observation and inquisitive mind around small things such as umbrella, rather than big issues of race, gender, etc., can open up the new world of awareness and tolerance. Here is the link to the article. For past articles I wrote for this column (including Shohei Ohtani of Angels who is unfortunately on disabled list now), here is the link.

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