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Every morning I have a race with the newspaper boy who delivers newspaper to my apartment.  Though I subscribe to electronic version of Nikkei, I have kept paper version so far.

As I leave home around 5:45 a.m. , for the first few days, the paper was not delivered before I left home.  Then, I came across with the newspaper boy right outside of the apartment complex,  getting  ready to deliver.  So I asked whether he is from Nikkei or not and he was.   I gave him my name and apartment number and asked him to give me the paper there, instead of delivering to my apartment.

Since then, I ran into him often and he now recognizes me. Our encounter depends upon what time I leave and what time he gets to our apartment complex.  If I leave a bit early, I miss him and if he is a bit late, we miss each other.

I almost bet  whether our encounter takes place in the morning or not and feel  happy when it happens.  I almost feel, “it made my day” if we  get to see each other early in the morning.  It is interesting that little thing like this makes or breaks the day, at least for me!  Something to look forward to every morning!

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