As I see the protests around George Floyd killed in Minneapolis, I cannot but think of my experience in Kansa City five decades ago.  I was an exchange student from Sophia, spending my junior year at St Mary College in Leavenworth Kansas. I took the course entitled “Social change and minority relations”  with the professor who used to be Catholic nun, but left.  She was quite provocative and had small dedicated group of students (I was one of them!) .

For the project of this course, I did “blacks and police brutality”.  I had very little knowledge of race relations in the US (Midwest in particular), but interviewed black reverend for the project. (I believe I must have driven to Kansas City to see him.)  He was quite angry at the police and I still remember the power he portrayed when he explained their situation.

As I see the protests and long history of how people of color have been treated in the US (and what  in equality Covid-19 revealed (disproportionate ratio of people of color infected and died, among others). I am mad and at the same time sad as we are now in 2020.

I really do not understand the full story as I do not live in the US nor I am a person of color (“so to speak”), but find it difficult to believe that the change we thought has taken place does not seem to have.

The year 2020 will be such a significant year for the world because of Covid-19, but it might turn to be the beginning of the new US of A.