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Yesterday, October 14, was cold crisp fall day in NYC. It was in low 50sF and people dress quite different from the past few days. I went to Mass at the nearby church, went to the jewelry store on the Fifth Avenue to get battery of my Swiss watch replaced. I had to wait a while at the lobby of Museum of Modern Art before the store opens at noon. It turned out that battery was still good and I ended up watching the police parade along the Fifth Avenue.
Cross town in NYC is quite far, particularly the fifth and the seventh avenues and there are few subway lines going across, which makes it even harder to manage. (I ended up walking over 10km!)
I was to move to another unit (finding the one that opens up that day), but I was able to extend my stay in the same unit for another day. (Not sure what happens today!)
I spent several hours preparing the outline for the talk/seminar I am to give in Japan when I go back on Wednesday. In the meantime, my Mac Air keeps showing the message that I have no more space on my Mac! I searched some sites and working to delete/reduce some files, but it took enormous time. I decided to visit the Apple Store nearby this morning to resolve the issue. (It makes me quite nervous as I am not sure which files can be deleted!)
It was family dinner day and I went to my stepson’s place where I met with him-the chef, and family. The kids grow up so fast and have so much stories to tell–which is always fun. The dog, almost full size, is getting used to me (or the other way round?).
Nice relaxing Sunday with a family for a change. I feel I have spent so much time on workshop and work during this trip! AND packing & moving!… Remains to be seen whether I need another packing & move….

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