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crankIMG_6828 As the major mountain bike event of the summer, Crankworx, is finished this last weekend. Whistler is much quieter and more peaceful.  You see more older couples at the village and base of Whistler mountain crowded with so many bikers and young people.(Photo on the left last weekend, the one on the right now)

As the US Labor Day (first Monday of September) marks the end of summer, Whistler gets ready for the fall.  With few tourists and vacationers, those who live here full time (many retired) stay on.

Over a decade ago when we stayed beyond Labor Day into September, we almost felt lonely after such exciting and lively summer.   Many people who live here (most retired) tend to be hard-core outdoor freaks (in the summer)  and avid skiers (in the winter), many travel in spring and fall.  As I see their relaxed and rich lifestyle (in terms of spirit, rather than money), I wonder why and how it is possible for regular people (those who made living by being teachers/nurses etc.) can have such  lifestyle.  It is quite different from the country I know where so many people take vacation at the same time (Obon in the middle of August) and flock to the places where they charge twice or more during the peak season!  As we appreciate and value “experience” more than “materials” today, we may want to think about how we can have fun without spending so much money.

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