I came to Vancouver this morning (still Thursday, June 30) after 9-hour flight from Tokyo.  The air was crisp and cool (at 18 degrees C) when I arrived at Vancouver.  What a difference from hot and humid Tokyo I thought and I felt refreshed, though I was short on sleep.

Driving up to Whistler took some 3 hours as I stopped over at the Whole Foods (very nice upscale and popular grocery store headquartered in the U.S. ) where I saw many people shopping for the long weekend of BBQ etc. (July 1 is Canada Day and July 4 is U.S.  Independence Day, thus long weekend!)

I now feel settled in British Columbia at the unit after grocery shopping, renewing membership at the library etc.  As I rent the same place in the past three years, it is like my summer house.

It is now little over 8 at night, still very bright (it does not get dark until close to 10:00 p.m.!) and VERY quiet.  It is also quite cold (now 10 degrees C) and I put the heater on!  I feel I live in a different world.  Probably physical location does not make much difference now, as we can communicate via various means no matter where you are.