Friday evening (July 26), as in previous blog entry, we hosted SINCA x Code Chrysalis session at Code Chrysalis.  Here is the brief explanation of what we covered during the session. (Video of the session will follow soon.)

I started the session welcoming participants to the Coding and Communication(English) skill session, and explained how I see these two skills are critical for people in the global space. Yan took over from there, briefly talked about her background and how she sees coding. She also explained what kind of courses are available at Code Chrysalis.

Then the exercise started. The steps that follow are so well planned to engage participants from the beginning, using simple examples and explanation. Under her guidance, participants worked in pairs, doing several exercises. They started with Origami, maze etc.  Towards the end she explained why we start with Java Script, gave brief introduction of various names and symbols(not sure whether these are the right terms.)   By engaging the participants who work in pairs, she and her team showed how programming works.

It seems every participant (only few had any experience/knowledge of programming before) enjoyed the session and was highly inspired.  (I was, too!)  We will collect feedback soon from the participants, but we would like to continue this type of skill sessions where participants get to practice themselves more in the future.  Thanks Yan, Niklaus and the team.

After we took a group photo, networking over food (next time, we will have more -we usually do not have this problem, but we changed the format a bit this time) and drinks started and I talked with many people until little before 11:00 pm!