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14907586_1289432697757086_4567504228209220425_nYesterday(Nov.3) we hosted the special session #42 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series with over 70 participants. It was held on National Holiday and from 5:00 pm at Ginza Shochiku Square. We wanted to hold this session for many  people who may be interested in the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence. and thus held on National Holiday instead of our regular Friday.
Our guest was Dr. Hiroshi Yamakawa, chair person of Whole Brain Architecture Initiative who gave a presentation of what AGI is and how the research has been progressing.
As AGI is a new topic and some technical aspect was covered, we allowed enough time for Q & A. I tried to use some analogy to understand what AGI is. (Still many questions remain.)
After the presentation, breakout session was held under three topics-1) How do we control AGI which may be able to do anything 2)how we can apply AGI to business and 3) how do we value the product (creative ones in particular such as music, art etc.) produced by AGI
img_1757Several groups reported back their discussion and remarks by Dr. Yamakawa and Mr. Ueno (who has helped us) ended the session. We hope this session has stimulated the thinking around AI and we hope to continue this dialogue. Thank you to Dr. Yamakawa and his staff to let us visit you and to share with us your view and Thanks to participants who came on National Holiday. (It was the first time in many years? I was at Ginza on national holiday. Different crowd from the one at Shibuya around midnight, but quite interesting…)

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