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We just finished SINCA online pre-debate session.  Some 15 people participated.  I explained general outline of what debate is, what skills we can develop through debate, good use of debate and how we can prepare for debate.  After relatively abstract, general explanation, we tried simple example “We should eat rice for breakfast.”  By having this casual example, many questions were raised., giving us the opportunity to clarify and respond.  I am now convinced that using simple examples and practicing is the best way to find out more and to learn.

We hosted this session as a preparation for the SINCA next Sunday when we have more full-blown debate, mainly for those who have not tried debate and/or have little experience of doing debate.. The session on May 9 is now open for registration and details are here.  It will be a good opportunity for you to try it in risk free context.

For those who participated this evening, thank you for your participation and we hope you have a bit clearer idea of what debate is. 

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