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This evening, we hosted SINCA Practice session SDGs game.  SDGs has been discussed very often these days and majority of companies in Japan include SDGs in their business strategy and/or so called Governance report.  As SDGs covers many goals and almost too comprehensive, many people seem to understand the concept and goals.  When they try to put some of the goals to specific actions, however, it becomes a bit difficult.  SDGs game is trying to address this issue–how we can practice the concept and make them specific.

We tried this game, developed by Prof. Tokutaro Hiramoto of Kanazawa Institute of Technology and his student team, last year. It was well received, but we ran out of time.  So we decided to spend full two hours to do not only the Beginner’s version, but also Advanced version this time with additional help of KMD students.

It seems people are having good time, doing the advanced version.

At the end, I asked reactions from the participants.  Will inform details on my next blog entry. So stay tuned.

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