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Now breakout session for the SINCA reflecting the year 2020 is underway.  The topic this time is your happiest memory of the year 2020 and your saddest memory with your wish.  Almost 40 people registered, and 24 people actually participating in the session.  I formed six breakout groups, each with 4, and they are now discussing each member’s happiest and saddest memory.

After my brief introduction, I shared my own happiest and saddest with with memories to get started.  Now I am very much looking forward to the report from each group.  I find report back from each group always very interesting.  General discussion after the report also give me variety of insights.

As a matter of fact, we have quite a few repeat participants these days (since we started online version of SINCA) and I feel I know them well, though I never met most of them in person.  Online version seems to be more convenient and easier for those as they can access from anywhere,  Though online version is good, I hope we can meet in person and do real SINCA with networking/drinks/food in the year 2021!  I am sure these days will come.

We just finished the session with 24 people in 6 breakout groups.  We had some first timers and repeaters, as well s those participating from out of Tokyo.  Thanks for participating.  We will post video as soon as I finish editing.

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