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We just finished SINCA Hot topic session, the first this year.  The topic was power of data, information and media and we had two guests, George Nishiyama of WSJ Japan and Miyuki Inoue of Asahi Shimbun.  Unfortunately, Daisuke Furuta of BuzzFeed fell ill and could not make it.

We had some 40 people attending the session.  The topic is so broad and has many different aspects to discuss, so it was a bit difficult to give good focus.  I think there is a good possibility that we continue the discussion and/or debate, picking up some aspect of this topic.   I felt that we really need to have doubts about the information reported and develop a way of thinking how to make sure that they are “facts.”  I also thought there is urgent need to teach media literacy for our children.

I am grateful to two guests who shared perspectives and joined us for networking, interacting with participants. I want to thank participants who came despite the last minute change and participate in broad discussion.  Next session is on Feb. 22 and we will post it soon.

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