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IMG_7864Yesterday, I served as one of the panelists at Omote Sando college organized by ewoman. It was the follow-up session after the panel at International Conference for Women in Business held in July.
Other panelists included Asako Aoyama, CFO of Coca Cola East Japan and Lori Henderson, Executive Directorof British Chamber of Commerce Japan. Kaori Sasaki facilitated the session.
Despite the rain, some 20 people participated. We began with some initial remarks and went on to discuss “how to get promoted” within the corporation. As I always want to bring a bit different perspective from other panelists(probably to surprise of Kaori san!), I discussed variety of options other than “promotion within the current corporation.” (After all, I changed jobs several times and now free-lancing!)
Questions from the floor are always very interesting and enlightening for me, as well as the remarks of the panelists. We had wine/tea afterwards. I wish I could talk with all the participants, but probably about 10 or so? It was a good opportunity for me to get to know the issues around promotion/diversity. I am grateful for those who came, ewoman & Kaori Sasaki who organized the seminar and other panelists for such an opportunity.

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