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We hosted SINCA online discussion session last night, September 27.  We discussed the topic of “What job/work style do you want to pursue? in 5 breakout groups. 40 people registered and over 20 people actually participated.  As in the past few sessions, participants included some from overseas including Vietnam, Beijing an Australia etc.  (I think this is great benefit of holding online sessions!) As we follow this format several times recently, the breakout formation and report back worked more smoothly than before. (As soon as I finish editing video, I will post it here.)

We thought it would be a good topic to discuss as Covid-19 brought about major changes in work and employment.  I was hoping that the group would come up with ambitious and aspirational work and job, (which could even be almost impossible to achieve), but majority seemed to think of the WFH and remote work, rather than drastic idea for the job itself.  I think it was partly because how I positioned the question.  (Next time, I will clearly state that we want moon shot type of ideas.)

We discussed some potential ideas for the topic/sessions in the future and the idea of doing auction came up.  That is, we try to identify what kind of hidden? skills/assets we have other than “typical job and position we hold” and find out their market value. We will take the form of auction as we tried the similar idea before at Davos sessions.   I have asked the comments from SINCA support team for details and we will try to figure out how we can do it smoothly in the online form.  We will inform the details as soon as we finalize it.  So stay tuned.

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