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Last night, we hosted the first session (#11 since we started ) of  “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series for the year 2014. The topic was “New Year, New Agenda” and we tried to solicit issues from the participants so that we could engage them more and incorporate their views. Here is the quick report of the session #11. (More will be coming soon with the video archive and summary.)

I welcomed the participants and wished them a happy new year for 2014.  Then we tried to get some topic categories so that we could get some specific ideas for the next sessions.  The list which began rather slow picked up the pace and we had quite a few items.  We grouped them together to 7 groups and the participants went to the group whose category was their first priority.

After breakout discussion for some 40 minutes, we came back together to decide on the topic.  I grouped them (rather arbitrarily!) and we took a vote.  The one which received many votes were “Branding of Japan with focus on Safety” and “New Work style by having the second job.”

So for February session (Feb. 7) I asked the following, “Assume you are assigned to become a marketing/brand manager of Japan by Prime Minister Abe and the key message he wants to convey is Safety.  What creative ways/media, campaigns etc. can we develop and propose?”  I plan to bring some gadgets to make it a fun!, rather than just discuss!)

We decided on branding of Japan, because Japan is now attracting attention from the  rest of the world through Abenomics and Olympics 2020.  Now that the safety and security of Sochi Olympics has been discussed often,  “safety” we take for granted could be a very appealing concept.

For March,we decided on the Second Job.  We talk often about work-life balance, long work hours, women participation in labor market  etc. etc.  But “having second job” may open up many different potential for people who work and for the companies, as it may lead to the totally new relationship between the company & employees,  more entrepreneurs, etc. etc.  I like this topic, because this is very specific, and all of us can think of what second job we can try and it may move the needle on work related issues.

I facilitated the online discussion by myself for the first time and had a wonderful time interacting with young ladies.  Networking at nearby cafe was also fun and we stayed until the closing time! Fun Friday night…

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    • Aki
    • January 11th, 2014

    Hi Yoko, glad to know the discussion went well! I was/am in Shanghai and had limited access to YouTube so I unfortunately couldn’t join the session in real time 🙁 That said, there’s a chance that I’ll be in Japan on that week and join the real session – will think about the brand of Japan and bring some ideas to the table. Looking forward to it!

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