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This afternoon, we hosted the sixth and last session of Global Agency Seminar series. The assignment was to deliver your message to  person of your choice in the world.   To my surprise, there was some misunderstanding about what we expected participants to do.  There are some who explain who would be their person of choice and what they would tell them.  It was not what we expected.  If I were asked the same question, I would have picked up the person I want to convey my message and the message I would like to convey.  I will then assume that I meet with this person and tell him/her my message.

As I explained and showed some how I would have done, some picked it up. It was interesting how little practice/training they seemed to have not only at school, but also at work.  It was a good data point for me as well to have a glimpse of the training/education they receive these years.  After I made brief remarks wrapping up the series, handed out certificate to each one of the participants, we had fun get-together.  It was four months of relatively intensive session, but I enjoyed working with them, and also learned a few lessons.

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