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写真 (30)On Friday, July 25, we hosted #17 of DET (”Davos experience in Tokyo”) series. We discussed the issue of “Your Identity-If you were to be reborn, do you want to be born Japanese?”  We picked this topic because of at least two reasons.

1) As globalization continues and meaning of national boundary seems to decrease, are we still conscious of our nationality?

2) As the labor market becomes more flexible and open, each one of us has to have clear identity of ourselves.  How important is our nationality when we think of our own identity?

We asked the question, “If we were to be reborn, do we want to be born Japanese?”  (I modified it slightly -causing some confusion, as I said “your own nationality” instead of “Japanese.”)

Discussion in small groups was very interesting, as we defined  “identity”, “nationality” and “nationalism.”  It gave us a lot to think about.  We will post the video and summary as soon as they become available.(Photo showing breakout discussion.)


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