SDEX1 Friday last week, we hosted #23 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series.  It was the session of “fun-skill building” type among the three we are experimenting this year.

DEX2216We had two people introducing the products developed with little thought on the use or marketing. One was THETA, 360 degree camera, developed by Ricoh and introduced by Yohei Kato, one of the regular participants of Davos… series. The other was RingU, one of the multi-sensory products developed at lab of Prof. Adrian D. Cheok, my former colleague at KMD (now he is in London) and friend. Mr. U of FeelU introduced RingU to the participants.

After the introduction of the products, small breakout sessions began to figure out the creative use of the products. At the end of the session, each group acted out the use for us. It was fun.

Some of the photos are posted here, and the others are available on facebook. We tried “Before” and “After” interview with participants. “Before” interview you can see below.

Our next session #24 of Davos.. in Tokyo series will be held on Friday, March 20, as company sponsored session at Ogilvy & Mather. The topic is “creativity in the ad/media industry undergoing fundamental transformation.” The registration is already open and it is quickly filled up. So check our website for details and register soon!