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This afternoon (September 2), we hosted #5 of Global Agenda Seminar 2018 at Roppongi Academy Hills.   After a month of break (for summer holidays?), we are back in business. The assignment for this session was “What is your message to 15-year old You?! Each participant gave 2 minute presentation, some using single slide, and others without.

As this was rather personal story and we had a break of one month, all participants seemed to have clear message well prepared and personal touch, which I thought was very nice. After spending four or five sessions together, we found out more about each participant’s background.  Some were quite surprising and have given us deeper understanding of the people themselves. I thought all have made significant progress, which was very nice.

The latter half of the session was spent for the group activity with the assignment of “Design a class/or a course we want 15-year-olds today to take.”  Though the time was rather short (some 30 min.) groups developed interesting and quite different ideas.  The common factors I found was their interest in letting youngsters have confidence through   doing actual work for the local area etc.  I was quite struck by the variety of their approach and design itself.  I also thought that discussion in groups has made some progress, too.

As I reviewed the responses of participants to survey, I see that they themselves have begun feeling confident etc.  It is nice to know that participants seem to be happy and enjoying. Some may start a new daily routine, to continue learning.  After the session at 7:00 pm, some groups went to hit beer and food. (photo on the left) They look so happy and fun!

We have one more session in 2 weeks for this series and I am very much looking forward to how much of a progress they will make by then.

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