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GAS3On Wednesday, June 22, we hosted #3 of Global Agenda Seminar series 2016. We took the talk-show format with two guests- Dai Fujikura, contemporary music composer based now in London and Lori Henderson, Executive Director of BCCJ who has lived in Japan for 12 years.
We began with the topic of Olympics as connecting London and Tokyo. Lori share with us how the main concept, “Diversity and Inclusion” was implemented at London Olympics and we could use the concept to advance the social change in Japan.
Dai shared with us many different types of concerts and performing arts which are very experimental held as a fringe events leading to the Olympics in London.
We discussed how Japan “as global leader” according to Lori could make the best of this opportunity of Olympics to define itself and ensure diversity and inclusion. We touched upon upon other subjects of the similarities and differences in how we approach work (different) and how we communicate (quite similar as nuances are very important.) We briefly discussed the topic of EU Referendum as the vote was the following day. (It is turning out to be quite different result from what we expected.)
Quite a few questions were raise and we had many people who seemed to come to the seminar series for the first time. We are grateful for the two guests who shared their views and the audience who stayed long exchanging cards and talking with guess.

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