IMG_2150This afternoon (Sunday, Nov. 8) we kicked off Global Agenda Seminar 2015 Intensive Workshop program at Roppongi Academy Hills. This is the part 2 of the GAS2015 whose format has been changed from last year. Part 2 meets every Sunday for five weeks under the title of “Self-produce.”
Despite the rain, every participant showed up.  I welcomed the participants, explained background and objective of this year’s program, i.e. in the face of the world undergoing significant transformation.
Then I gave brief introduction of myself and explained small tips of logical thinking/writing, using my own examples.
IMG_7710 The main part of the session today was the self-introduction by the participants.  Every participant had 1.5 min. to say something unique about themselves, which was interesting, but took much longer than we had expected. As a result, the ice breaking game was cut much shorter.(Photo on the left showing BEFORE it started!
IMG_7713 Get-together at the Italian restaurant followed where I met with quite a few of the participants. (I moved three times!)
I am very much looking forward to the exciting and fun program in the coming 4 weeks!