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 Global Agenda Seminar (GAS)2017 with the topic of Project Management began about 10 days ago on June 22. At the first meeting, three project clients explained their needs after I gave a brief introduction. Today, July 1, was the second session of the GAS2017.

I  am convinced that practice is by far the best way to develop your own skills. Thus, rather than me giving a lecture, I asked each team to share their understanding of the main issue of the project, hypothesis, their project plan etc.
After two groups reported their progress for each one of the three projects, I made comments regarding how to define the main issue-what I emphasized last time using their own presentations.  I followed this format/sequence, as I believe it is better for us to use their own examples to point out the importance and difficulty of defining issues. After you try defining the issue yourself and present, you have much better idea of how not-so-easy it is to define the issue. I also think you learn a lot from listening to other groups’ presentation.
Now that you have better idea of how to proceed -i.e. you try to practice what you read in books/hear in lecture etc. sometimes not as successfully as you expected, you start trial & error to find the best solution which fits your group.
Our next session is on July 29 and we have 4 weeks to work. It is expected that they refine their issues (probably through more research and interviews), develop hypotheses, identify analysis to prove hypothesis, and develop expected output by then.

I realize it is no easy task, but I am also convinced that this is the best way to learn not only problem solving/client work, but also team work.

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