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On Thursday, Oct. 8, we hosted the GAS Special session #3 at Roppongi Academy Hills. The guest speaker was Mr.Ajab Samrai, Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather Japan Group and the topic was “Self-branding.”
Mr. Samrai explained how he started his own career at Saatchi and Saatchi and went on to do creative work for global corporations. He then showed us some creative work for Delta Airlines, Lexus, etc. (I wish he could have explained how the final creative product evolved, for one or two.) and walked us through the 10 tips for self branding.
IMG_735010 tips came with some examples of his own and others. I thought tips were” back to basics” and yet fundamental and in fact, difficult to practice ourselves. I was very impressed by his strong desire to start at Saatchi and Saatchi and his dedication (he was without a job for two years-if I am not mistaken- to develop his skills and portfolio before he landed at his dream job). He had a few memorable quotes including”Self branding is not what you are, but what you want to be.” “Nothing is impossible”.
IMG_1986After his presentation, I asked him few questions related to “confidence” etc. and opened up to the floor. Questions seemed to indicate the gap between what is accepted at Japanese organizations and what is required on the global level, as well as dilemma some participants seemed to feel when they tried to brand themselves in a new field.
I found Mr. Samrai’s suggestion that “Energy beats talent” very inspiring. Self branding is extremely important today and at the same time, it requires considerable energy and time on our part to practice. The session was a good addition to the main topic of GAS 2015 Intensive Workshop series “Marketing yourself” starting in November.

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