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IMG_3741Yesterday, June 29, we hosted Special seminar #4 of Global Agenda Seminar (GAS) 2016 at Roppongi Academy Hills.  Our guest was Mr. Gregory Perez, Design Director of IDEO Tokyo.  As I have known some people at IDEO, have visited IDEO Tokyo office several times, and have always been very interested in Design Thinking, I was very much looking forward to his talk. (It was the first time I met with Greg.)  It seems many people shared my interest and the place was full.

Gregory PerezIMG_0366Greg’s presentation covered what is Design Thinking, activities of IDEO with some very interesting case studies & what they are working on in Japan among other things.

His visual presentation and the talk was so impressive that I would love to apply some approach to mine.  Some of his remarks which I found very informative and inspiring  include “start with desirability- i.e. people, and think about feasibility and  viability, Kaizen is 1-100, while Design thinking is 0-1. Being curious is the key. Talk less, Do more.  Starting with people is for the purpose of getting inspired…”    In fact, I quoted him during today’s seminar at Shiseido, when answering questions from the floor.  (It fit perfect!)

Many good questions were asked from the floor, which was excellent.  We could have gone on for another half an hour easily.   Thank you to Greg and thank you to those who came to the seminar…

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