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IMG_1232This afternoon (Sept. 4) we kicked off Global Agenda Seminar (GAS)2016 Intensive Workshop Program. This is is our 7th (to be exact 6th as we skipped one year) of GAS since its start in 2010.  Following the similar format with that of last year, we divided the GAS 2016 into two parts-Part 1 of speaker series where anybody can participate and Part 2 which meets Sunday afternoon for five times over 8 weeks with the fixed group of participants.  Today was the first day of Part 2.

IMG_1241This year’s topic is “Change perspectives, change yourself.”  We decided on this topic because the importance of creativity has been advocated often in the face of intensifying application of Artificial Intelligence, leaving little space for human beings.  And yet, how we can develop  creativity is usually left to some practices, methodology etc.  One of the ways to develop creativity, I think, is by changing perspectives as you see different aspects of the same thing by changing your perspectives.

GAS 2016 is, always, the workshop where participants are engaged right from the beginning.  Today, after my brief welcome, participants introduced themselves, followed by ice break and my brief explanation of logical thinking.  I explained that self introduction has to have some edge, rather than boring statement of name, company and background.  I also mentioned the importance of rehearsal.  IMG_1242I also mentioned that logical thinking is foundation, but we need to go beyond it,

Last year for the first time, we conducted workshop program with the topic of “Self produce.” We met every Sunday over 5 weeks.  Based upon the feedback of the participants, we spread five sessions over 8 weeks this year so that participants have little more time to think, prepare and experiment.

We plan each session with the policy of NOT doing the same thing as before, incorporating some the recent events/experiences and try to develop different and new approach.

Recently some participants of GAS join Davos Experience in Tokyo series which I organise every month over 3 years and those participants of Davos… join GAS.  So the network is expanding slowly, but steadily.  In fact, I had get-together with GAS alumni in New York very recently.

I personally value GAS (and Davos etc.) alumni groups  as they give me the opportunity to get exposed to new ideas.

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