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yokoat-gas4Yesterday, we held session #4 of Global Agenda Seminar series at Roppongi Academy Hills. The assignment for this session was to prepare 1 minute video with your message to anybody you like in the world. The audience needed to be some people whom they do not know or have not met.
We wanted to try video as a medium because we thought that more people would be familiar than last year (we asked participants to prepare a video and it was well done after all) and video editing has become more accessible. I personally want to develop simple video editing skill so that I could make my presentation more dynamic. (In fact, we are planning to hold series of skill development.)
It turned out that only few among this year’s participants had done video editing and many were overwhelmed to learn new skills in addition to their regular workload. (They all have regular jobs.)
img_1595I watched the video several times and selected six to show to all. Topics ranged from warning against nuclear proliferation to advice to eliminate discrimination based upon gender etc., and to stay resilient against adversaries such as loss of job etc.
We showed all six at the beginning and then asked all the participants to do peer review in small groups. Judging from the responses to survey we did right after the session, there were considerable learnings from the feedback discussion.
At the end, we did another exercise of who to recommend for the US president and/or Japanese prime minister again in the same small groups.

In the course of this series (we have only one more session to go!)  we try variety of ideas and contexts so that they can practice selecting topics and develop stories to support their conclusion quickly in the low risk context.
For our last session scheduled for October 23, the assignment is to write  400 words or less (in English) introducing yourself at the age of 100 when we have reunion of GAS. We selected this topic because so far we have focused on past and present and to think of the future.  We also wanted participants to incorporate very interesting ideas I find in the book “100-year life.”

How would you describe yourself at the age of 100? It would be an interesting and useful exercise to do.

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