This afternoon (January 25) we hosted SINCA vol. 15 with the cooperation and support of Shiseido.  The venue was Shiseido Global Innovation Center (S/PARK) which opened last April as global hub of R & D of Shiseido.  Some 50 people (including those from Shiseido) participated  to make the session very lively.

I introduced two guests who briefly talked about their business and Ms. Takano of Shiseido made a presentation on “Beauty” by Shiseido. We went straight to breakout session on the topic of “What can Beauty Create?.” All the groups reported back their discussion, which was quite interesting.

After the breakout session, I moderated the panel with two entrepreneurs- Miku Hirano of Cinnamon and Akira Fukabori of ANA Avatar in. Networking followed so that people  interacted and had casual exchange.  Thank you for coming on Saturday.  We will post the  video of the session as soon as they are edited.