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1077550_10202546246752517_353950487_oLast night, we hosted session#12 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo series.”  Though it was VERY COLD and the forecast was snow later, we had great group of people who love fun and experiment.  (We had so many people attending Networking event after the session at Ark Hills Cafe!)(See photo we took at the end)

The topic was “Design/develop 3 minute commercial to appeal to the world that Japan is a safe country as brand manager working for Prime Minister Abe.”  We prepared several toys,  gadgets, and tools  (we picked up at 100 yen shop!) to get the creative juice of the groups going.   Though the topic was decided at our January session, there were few who came to January session (i.e. we had many people who came to “Davos..” series for the first time, which is great!) .

I explained the background and asked them to break out into 6 small groups to develop  3-minute commercial, using the toys given to each group.  While they were working on the task, I joined four people –two from Hongkong and two from some parts in Tokyo- for online discussion.

After about 45 minutes or so of group work, I asked each group to show us their CM.  We taped all of them, so you will be able to watch as soon as they are ready in a few days.

In the last 40 minutes of the session, each group demonstrated the commercial for Japan as a safe country.  I  played  the role of President Putin of Russia at the closing ceremony of Sochi Olympics.  I thanks all the participants of Sochi Olympics which ended in great success and invited the representatives of Japan, host of 2020 Olympics. (I tried to follow the routine of the ceremony of the Olympics..  It is always fun to play a role of  important and famous people!)

Six groups presented their ideas and it was a lot of fun.  I hope many participants had fun, too.  I tried this approach, because this is, in my understanding, the fun and heart of Davos–Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  You may think AM of the Forum consists only of keynote speech and panel discussion of important people. But from my own experience、the fun part and the core of  AM of the Forum is brainstorming and discussion YOU can participate. So that is the idea behind “Davos Experience in Tokyo.”    If you are interested in participate and do something, you will have FUN!

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