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IMG_9316 Last night, we hosted the session #35 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series. The title of the session was “Experience auction” and we invited participants to offer and/or bid for items based upon their expertise/experience to auction.
Compared with the previous sessions, we had many more first timers (about 70%) and we were happy to have some 50 people come on Friday before the long weekend! (It was even raining hard by the time we were finished around 10:30!).  Photo on the left shares the sharing of “pricing” experience among participants at the beginning.
Altogether 14 items were offered and every single one was sold. Some items were very popular such as “how to do SETTAI” without IMG_9318expensive budget, and English pronunciation consulting. I offered four items and all of them received more bids than I am able to accommodate.

One of the offer by the participant  was to compose a song profiling the personality.  He was kind enough to play my song! Title?  “She is too young.”…(See below the video)

After the auction where people explained their offer using slides and bid, we did breakout sessions to think of the possible items of value we have and could offer in the market.

It was fun to try the idea of Experience Auction!  Thanks to all that came. Our next session will be on Friday, April 22. We will have video archive of the session last night uploaded on our website and so will be the details for the next session. So stay tuned..

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