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dex43group fullsizerender-36iLast night we hosted the 43rd and last session (for the year 2016) of Davos experience in Tokyo. The topic was “sharing economy.” First, we asked participants to share their best and worst experience of the trip with neighbours.
Then we asked guests from airbnb to introduce their services. Two hosts of airbnb shared their experience. In fact, quite a large number of participants have had experience of using service of airbnb. (I should join this group soon!)
Participants brainstormed the experience they could share based upon their own skills/experience -first on their own, and then as a group. Each group nominated one idea and presented to the whole group. The item that received by far the largest number of votes after presentation was “Haruki Murakami’s world.” It is very interesting and creative idea and can be extended to cover other authors, I thought.
15380800_1333882789978743_5701714946940245879_nWe ended the session with champagne, chicken, Sushi, pizza (thanks to the help from airbnb) and with networking. (I wanted to try electronic dance music and dance, but not many were interested, so I gave up!)
It was interesting and fun evening. (I had so many things on my mind, I forgot to ask our guests for comments and to make comment myself at the end. My apologies.) I thought we could try this idea again soon.For those who came to the session, thank you and we hope you had fun. To airbnb people, we are grateful for your generosity.

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