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IMG_0579This evening (July 22), we hosted the session #39 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series at Lifenet Insurance Co., The topic this time is “how to design your social safety net?”
After I welcomed the participants. I discussed briefly about how the world today has been full of uncertainties partly due to the technological change and how populism has spread throughout the world from my experience in the past few weeks.

Then I asked them the question to kick off the session. The question was “what was the event/incident you encountered that you had NOT expected?”  I asked them to think of the event/incident and shared their experience with other members of the group.

Then Goki Omata of Lifenet explained the status of social safety net in Japan and  what Lifenet has done to offer service to the group of people who do not fit into the standard household for which most of the government safety net has been defined.

Then the breakout session starts with six groups addressing two topics–elements of social safety net and how to design them. Groups picked the type of household/individual for whom they want to design the social safety net.  Report back from each of the six groups included quite creative ideas and insights.

We spent fun time at networking until 10:30 pm.  We are grateful to the people at Lifenet Insurance, who provided us with such an opportunity to think of the important decision in our life.

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