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IMG_7691Tonight (to be exact last night as it is already past midnight!)l we hosted #31 of Davos Experience in Tokyo. We were back at our original venue of Wilson Learning Worldwide.
After I welcomed the participants, almost half the first timers, I talked a bit about the Summit on Global Agenda held at Abu Dhabi.
Then we asked participants to recall the most impressive/memorable teacher they ever had for a while and shared their stories with the neighbors. It was followed by general discussion on what was special about the memorable teachers.
Then I introduced Yusuke Matsuda, founder of Teach for Japan, our guest. After his presentation of how he began TFJ, breakout sessions started where participants discussed some ideas to recruit people to support TFJ in a variety of ways.
IMG_7694Towards the end, each of 8 groups reported back their ideas, followed by the comment from Yusuke Matsuda. I enjoyed meeting with new people as well as old friends. Get together continued until 10:45 pm or so until we got kicked out! Great way to finish busy week! Thanks for coming to all.

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