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IMG_7888Today, November 22, we conducted #3 of Global Agenda Seminar Intensive Workshop series.  Based upon our discussion and peer review last time, each participants prepared 3-min. video about their favorite place and uploaded onto youtube by 11:00 Saturday.

I watched all the video twice (took some 7 hours or so) and made comments for each, using certain criteria.

Today, we showed three video clips which might be helpful to other participants.

IMG_7883After that we did two rounds of informal debate.  The topic was of interest to many today and it was quite interesting to see how teams argued.  Debate is a good approach to develop capability to build logic, and to table all the issues-pros and cons- about the topic by forcing the two sides-affirmative and negative- to present their case.   I learned a lot about this experience in that getting team together for an objective, managing the time so that every member will have the opportunity, etc. is quite new (i.e. rather rare) for the young business people.

I want to design many more opportunities to practice with low risk so that we can clearly state their view and support them with tight logic.   Get-together followed where we had drinks and food.  I left a bit early to be prepared for tomorrow!  (I am working tomorrow, national holiday!)

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