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me-at-gas2Yesterday, September 11, we hosted #2 of Global Agenda Seminar (GAS2016) Workshop Program.  At the beginning of the session, I shared the responses from the participants to the survey, we conducted after the session #1, and my own impression of the session #1.  Then I spent some time, using some slides, to explain background of this seminar program, and my objective/vision of these initiatives including the seminar series. I did it at the suggestion of Academy Hills staff, as I felt we had assumed that participants would have understood the background and my vision.  This type of lack of communication happens often as we continue some series.

So I tried to make sure that I share my own objective and vision with this group of participants.  This idea came  from the impression of the session #1 held the week before and lessons I learned, as well as my experience of conducting workshop programs at the company,  and of giving a talk to high school students.  I also incorporated some comments I heard from the staff of J League!

Then we had series of presentation of the assigned topic of “What you had avoided.”  We kept the question quite open-ended, as I wanted participants to think creatively and take any perspectives.  The presentations were even more diverse and various than I had expected.  It is quite interesting how people interpreted the same assignment question.  I think it is a step toward developing different perspectives and changing your perspectives, which is the topic of this year’s workshop program.

murai-me-gasAfter that, we shifted our discussion to “uncertainties” and the need for asking “What if?” questions.  I asked participants to list “What if?” questions and from the list they developed, we decided on four topics for debate, which is the format we will try at #3 in two weeks.  As we have four topics which address the uncertainties today for debate, I am very much looking forward to find out how Yes and No groups argue from completely opposite positions.


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