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This afternoon (June 29) we hosted the session #2 of Global Agenda Seminar 2019 at Roppongi Academy Hills. This year’s theme is “Working across Differences” and at our first session, we asked each participant to share their experiences of identifying differences and tried to define “diversity” in group discussion.

At our second session today, we featured the company Mercari, to find out how diversity and inclusion is planned/implemented at the young company with vision of becoming a global player.  Our guest, Mr. Shunsuke Karasawa shared their experience, which was very interesting.

I wrote about Mercari’s D & I effort on my Japan Times Opinion commentary a while ago. It makes the picture much more vivid when you hear from the people actually working there.

Thank you Karasawa san & Tsuda san of Mercari(photo above)

We followed with fun get-together at Brazilian BBQ place.

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