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Last night, October 17,we hosted the session #19 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.  Over 40 people participated and breakout sessions were very lively.  (Though we had to close the place at 11:00 pm, many people seemed to be so engaged in conversation during the networking almost beyond 11:00 pm!)

FullSizeRender (3)Sawada san, co-founder of Localfellows introduced their activities of taking around visitors like friends.  The topic of the breakout sessions was as follows: 1. each one picks the place/event/food etc. of the area/city they are from.  2. Each table asks visitors (exchange students) from overseas about their interest.  3. Each group develops the map to introduce their local goodies and to meet the interests of the visitor.

I was very impressed with the energy and enthusiasm at each group and different approaches to the topic.  One group focused on alcohol from different areas they are from and develop a map.  Another group developed 1-2 day itinerary for the visitor who is interested in Kyoto.

We will post the video as soon as it is ready.  So stay tuned.

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