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12112484_1627534727517308_7358261696791206300_nIf you have questions regarding Artificial Intelligence in general, Singularity, the threat to your job by AI and/or what our life will be in few decades, come join us on November 3. It is a national holiday, so many of you are not working, we assume. You may have plans for travel as you decide to take Nov. 4 off and have 4-day vacation. If you are around AND are looking for something exciting, inspiring and fun, come to Shochiku Square at 5:00 pm for Special session #42 of Davos Experience in Tokyo.
hiroshi_yamakawa-300x270Dr. Hiroshi Yamakawa of Whole Brain Architecture Initiative and his staff will present their exciting project of developing General Purpose AI and will answer any questions you might have–from basic to advanced.
Recently I have attended several forum and discussion groups where AI has been discussed, but I still have many basic questions. I have NO idea what Singularity is and what it will bring to our life.
If you are like me, come join us. In fact, we discussed Face recognition etc. at session #40 of Davos Experience in Tokyo at NEC.  (Photo on the left is the breakout session we had then.  I am sure  there were many questions left over from that session and so, upcoming session #42 will be a good follow-up session.

14361467_1106078742812879_5507415980139909845_o14525209_1125152744238812_6699536838502776674_oPhoto with many more people  is the one taken last month.  You can get the feel for it?

We will have networking  afterwards with some snack(hopefully pizza!) and drinks(beer etc.). We will also have Fortune cookie! so that you can try your fortune…

What better way to spend Cultural Day than to discuss Science which is indispensable part of  the society and of the planet?  Details and registration, follow this link. Looking forward to seeing you!

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