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I went to see Queen-Heaven at Konica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo.  I saw ads several times in the past month or so and bought ticket before it comes to close.  I had expected that the music will be featured together with the amazing visual.  It was more of visual than sound, I find. As I had expected to hear  sound in grand scale, I was a bit disappointed.  As they show the visuals (very nice in itself) with music reflecting the tone, I almost fell asleep. (It was good I chose chair rather than cushion, a I would have fell sleep much more easily if I were sitting on cushion!)

The visual was great and music was fine, but I wish they had done more for sound.  Their songs and performance reminded me their high energy I do not see often around me these days.

Close to the theater, there was the event entitled Queen in the Park where you can try various virtual reality with the Queen. I had to rush back home to take care of some urgent matter, but it looked like fun.

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